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With over 20 years' experience as a dental nurse and practice manager in hospitals and both private and NHS dental and orthodontic practices in Manchester, Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire, I now run Dental Nursing Cover for the benefit of practices and dental health professionals across the county of Gloucestershire.


I have spent the past 12 years working with practices across Cheltenham, Gloucester, the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean in providing both temporary/locum dental nursing and recruitment advertising.


• Registered with the General Dental Council ("GDC")

• Member of the British Association of Dental Nurses ("BADN") and Gloucestershire Independent Dentists ("GID")


My qualifications include the Certificate from the National Examining Board of Dental Nurses, and certificates in Oral Health Education and in Dental Practice Management.


My experience includes oral surgery, DCU and facial aesthetics. I have also spent my time assisting in sedation and implants.


From practice manager to tea-maker, and from dental nurse to receptionist - the chances are that I've spent time in any role in the dental practice.



I know how important it is to be able to rely on skilled, trusted and professional staff in every practice, both in surgery and out. By understanding a practice's recruitment needs and developing in-depth knowledge of each role within the practice environment, I am able to help dental health professionals find and fulfil their roles to their best potential.


Temporary/locum cover

If you require temporary dental nursing cover, whether for a day, a week or longer, give me a call to check availability. Even if it's 'last minute', I'll be sure to try and help out - after all, unforeseen staff shortages are all part of running a busy practice. We regularly provide cover for practices, small and large (including corporate practices) across the county.


New to DNC

Recruitment advertising

Advertise your practice's vacancies our our Job Board for only £39.99! All vacancies are also promoted via social media streams, and we've constantly got new practices looking for staff, and dental health professionals looking for new practices. See if we can match your practice up with the perfect candidate! You choose whether you want us to deal with applicants' enquiries, or whether you receive details directly.


Megan Garfield GDC Registration number 115312 

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